Entry #1

I got news everyone.

2014-07-03 15:36:27 by AtticusRyoku

Ok guys and gals, I have a few announcement's and I would appreciate it if you share this with everyone you know!
First off http://www.rockethub.com/projects/45206-arctic-and-freya-comics#description-tab , I've been working on getting my comic ready to be approved to get funded. I've been approved!!!!! I'm wanting this so I can start my own website dedicated to my comic and other art. I also have a small free website that I've messed with today and uploaded a few of my comics on it. You can see it here http://revolverdash22.wix.com/arcticandfreyacomics . If you all can just share this status for me, I would appreciate it so much! Thank you!


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2014-07-03 15:43:00

I like pie

AtticusRyoku responds:

Me too